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Digital Stereo MP3 Recordings

December 21, 2011
Demonstration Digital stereo recordings of the Reuter Opus #822 pipe organ including works by J.S. Bach as well as seasonal & popular favorites.

The Blog

Updated December 23, 2011
The latest updates, observations & plans of the Reuter Opus #822 pipe organ.

Video Page
Updated May 27, 2010
A collection of Video recordings made on the Reuter pipe organ. High speed internet required.

Tim's 2004 Installation Photos

Photographs by Timothy Neal of the first installation, starting with the organ while still at church in the early spring of 2004.

Gallery of Photographs
Updated March 5, 2009
A photographic look at the organ in various stages of installation including over 100 detailed photographs (with descriptions).

Harlan Dringenburg
An 18 minute movie of Harlan playing the Reuter pipe organ the day after it was rewired for the first time.

Deagan Chimes

click to listen to the Deagan chimes.

How does a pipe organ work?

Click to see a detailed schematic on how a pipe organ works (from Smithsonian Magazine).
Saving an historic organ?
My observations on relocating and preserving a pipe organ.
The Planets
Gustav Holst, Orchestral scores sequenced on the Reuter 822 pipe organ.
J.S. Bach
Recorded works of J.S. Bach sequenced on the Reuter 822 pipe organ.
Reuter Opus #822
Built 1948, with 5 ranks of pipes, an additional 19 ranks have been added, incorporating select ranks from the Reuter opus 184, 195, 412 & 638 pipe organs.

24 Ranks, 1672 pipes.

  • 5 Diapason ranks, 8', 8', 8', 4', 2'
  • 4 Flute ranks, 16'-2', 16'-2', 8', 8'
  • 9 string ranks: 5 at 8', 4 at 8' TC
  • 5 Reed ranks at 8'
  • 4 16' pedal extentions
  • Deagan Chimes - 21 notes
  • WurliTzer Xylophone

    Stop List

  • History of #822
    A history of the organ from being built in 1948 to 2004 when it was removed from church service.
    Previous updates
    Previous updates,observations and news concerning the Reuter 822 pipe organ. Including the first recording of this organ made right after it was re-installed.

    The Re-Installation
    Technical information on the original reinstallation of Reuter 822 including notes on the wiring of unit pipe organs.
    Photographs and details of the re-installation of the Tremulant on the organ.
    Reuter #638
    A second Reuter console.

    Reuter History
    Historical Information about the Reuter Pipe Organ Company
    Reuter Organ Company Website

    Reuter Opus 412

    A visit at the original church of the opus #412 Reuter Pipe Organ in Nevada, Iowa in the fall of 2006 shortly before its removal. This organ is now added (mostly) to the opus 822.

    Organ related web links.

    822 listing on OHS

    The Organ Historical Society Database entry for the Reuter opus 822 pipe organ.

    Comments are very welcome and encouraged. Any historical information on this organ or any Reuter Pipe Organ is of special interest.


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