September 2, 2009 update on the Armory Trumpet rank listed below: The Armory Trumpet was installed but would not hold tune so I went with another Trompette rank instead. The Austin Armory Trumpet remains in storage in my garage awaiting a new home someday.

I have left the photos of that rank and the Tuba rank also not used below for historical reasons and also the recordings made with those ranks remain on the MP3 page.

May 31, 2008 HISTORICAL update on the "Armory Trumpet" to be installed on the opus 822 pipe organ.....

The Atlanta Auditorium and Armory, was an auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It was constructed with funds raised by a committee of Atlanta citizens and then sold to the city of Atlanta. The structure was dedicated in a pre-inaugural visit from President Taft in 1909 during which he was served a 'possom dinner, and the dinning hall in which this took place was named in his honor. The public dedication of the Auditorium took place with the hosting of the inaugural Atlanta Music Festival in May of 1909. The Auditorium and Armory also housed the 179th Field Artillery, who stored munitions there as well as using the space for drills. Over the years various concerts, theater productions, operas, balls, and professional wrestling cards were hosted at the auditorium. One such event of note was the Gone with the Wind Ball. The building was sold in 1979 to Georgia State University which now uses the structure as their Alumni Hall.

The Unit Trumpet rank I have is from the Austin Organ Company Op. 262 which was a 4-manual organ of 77 stops and 60 ranks installed in the Atlanta Auditorium-Armory in 1910.

Information link: Atlanta Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

The first recital was played on May 31, 1910, by Edwin Lemare before over 7,000 people.
Thanks to Tim Young & Jeff Scofield for this information!

Trumpet pipe markings.

The Trumpet was rescaled down a note when installed at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church of Marietta, Georgia circa 1983.

The 2nd Trumpet stop I have is from the Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling organ at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church of Marietta, GA, from 1929. This is a former Tuba which rescaled at some point to be the Great Trumpet at Holy Trinity Lutheran in Marietta, GA.

May 30, 2008 update.....

SNEAK PEAK (er..listen) of 2 of the Trumpets I'm adding!....

..OK..wasn't planning on any new updates for a few weeks but this morning on the forum a discussion on trumpets got me curious to hear the difference between the trumpet ranks I'm adding to the I plugged in one note each from the "8' Tromba Réal" (former Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba rescaled in the 1950's), and the Austin 8' unit trumpet I have.

These recordings are of the notes placed in the oboe slots of the 822 chest. These trumpets will NOT be as loud as they are in this recording as both trumpet ranks are going in the swell chamber in the back room, so they will be much softer but I do expect them to still be louder than the Oboe (I hope!).

Link of the recording:

Ed is working on wiring up the 412 main chest which should be completed next week!

Ed working in the garage wiring up the "Swell Main Primary" of the 412 chest. I learned something today on that, I was under the impression the 412 chest was similar to the 822 chest. Boy was I is actually a 'straight' chest for the most part which has changed the wiring configuration plans somewhat, but I think everything will still work according to plan.

The pipes behind Ed are the Subbass 16' pipes going in the swell chamber to work with the Tibia 8' and 4' stop as a unit 16/8/4 rank at various pitches on the Holtkamp console.

Tim returns June 15 to get the console prepared for the ranks and get air to the 412 chest.

May 25 update:

Revised layout:

click on image for layout.

This includes some changes that include:

1. Placing the Octave 4' and Spitzprincipal 2' above the 412 chest in the same position they had when in the church in Iowa.

2. Placing the Clarinet 8' rank at the same level.

This way there will be 4 ranks of pipes at the highest level to speak out over the upstairs bathroom/shower.

This will all JUST FIT..I is going to be close.

This layout will include a 2nd TRUMPET which will be playable from the Great, but will be placed in the swell chamber. The Clarinet will be using the offset chest built for this 8/4 trumpet..and the 4' trumpet will be using the 4' Clarinet chest and the unused 12 notes of the 16' Trumpet chest. It actually works out PERFECTLY!!!!!It is confusing so when it is all in I will carefully photograph each and every chest and pipe rank and explain where every chest/rank came from!

I will post a revised stoplist again tomorrow as it has changed to include one extra rank I had not been planning on!

New recordings posted on the MP3 page!

Very happy to get some preliminary recording on the 822 done again after a long spell of the organ being in various stages of disassembly.
Lots of wind noises/air leaks, and the Vox is on a temporariy air line (see pic below)

After the organ is ALL functional again we'll insulate the wind noises from the chests so they are nearly silent again but that won't be until late June at the very earliest.

Skye & Ruth Ann stopped by to visit Ed while he was doing various work on the 822.

Thanks Ed for getting the Vox going! He also did a nice job spot tuning several ranks including of course the Vox. Also fixed a pedal gedeckt note that had a contact that didn't survive the move so well. It is so good to have the organ back up and running again!

May 24 update part 2:

I have all the pipes in for the additions..the last two ranks of Trumpets arrived this morning and are now unloaded. The ranks that arrived today are a 16/8/4 Austin opus 262 Atlanta Auditorium Armory 1910 unit trumpet (I won't be using the bottom 16' notes as they are not mitered and are too tall for the house) and a "Tuba" that was rescaled as a Trumpet in the 1950's from a 1920's Holtkamp Tuba rank. I plan on sticking the Tuba on the 412 chest as the Great Tromba...and using the 8/4 sections of the Armory Trumpet for the Swell organ.

This is a photo of one of the Tuba notes (rescaled as a Trumpet) on the 822 sounds great on 5 inches of wind but am going to be placing it on the 412 chest so it will be under expression as it is VERY loud...about 2 times louder than the Oboe!

A photo of some of the pipes of a extra diapason rank (42 scale) and some of the 16' Trumpet bells (reeds/boots are not attached)
Those are the CC and CC# largest Diapason pipe to give an idea of scale.

None of these pipes willbe used.
In theory I could mount the 16' Trumpet along the roof at a angle but as I already have another 16' Trumpet that is mitered that will fit upstairs I don't need this one..for now anyhow! Maybe someday though!

May 23 update:

Success!!!! The Vox is up and running and now tuned. Several dead notes on it to work on, and it is up and playing on a temporary wind line from the 822 chest at 5 inches of wind.

A quick recording made using a little digital camera of Ed giving the rank a try out:

Ed Bruenjes playing the Vox

The vox is located up in a former closet between the room that will house the 412 organ and the 822 organ. It sounds really nice in that location.

Ed got the remainder of the wiring on the Vox done this morning and is now working on wiring up the Tibia. The Tibia won't be playable until some windline connections come in which won't be for a week or so.

Very very very happy to get a new rank going!

May 22 update:

Just got the Spitz Flote unloaded, it is presently on my garage floor along with the Trumpet 16' and Posaune 8'.

You can get a idea of the scale of the 16' Trumpet bells (the reed boots are not attached) in this photo witch shows the largest of the 8' Spitzflote. The 8' Pasaune pipes are to the right of the Spitzflote large pipes.

The odd 5 air inlet wooden chest is for the Trumpet 16' extention.

Here is a detail photo of the CC pipe of the 8' Spitzflote. There is no opus number stamped on the pipes.

May 21, 2008

Update: Good news!!! With the help of David at Syndyne we figured out what I was doing wrong on the programming of the driver boards for the vox chest......SO...everything should be in place to have Vox Humana up and running once Ed completes the wiring and we get wind to it sometime later this week (Friday we hope!). Whether we get it tremulated or not is debatable, but we'll try!

Most the large 6" and 8" pipe is in, as are the reservoirs for the Tibia and Vox.

This is a photo of the Tibia reservoir. This reservoir will be winding the Tibia 8 & 4' chests (two of them), plus the 16' Subbass pedal extention which will work with the Tibia 8'.
The black rings are a rubber connection that can be unscrewed so that the reservoir can be detached from the windline should a maintenance issue arrise in the future.

We are using PVC for just about every wind line, but as that is very inflexible and "permenanent" we are using rubber connections between the offset chests and the reservoirs, and between the reservoirs and the main wind lines so everything can be take off and worked on if necessary.

The 412 reservoir will have to have some rubber connections as well so that the main reservoir can be slide out from underneath the chest for maintenance reasons in the future.

You'll note the large 6" wind lines going back thru the house in that eve. That is to the main that room's wall the line will be stepped down to 4" line but we installed 6" just in case we should do future rank addtitions in that area. That is the one small area of the house where future ranks COULD go so I wanted to leave some extra winding options for future use should that be called for. I highly doubt there will be any future rank additions though anytime this decade.

Same on the 6" line going to the reservoir in the closet for the Vox Humana....the Vox obviously doesn't need that much wind, however, long term there is a chance some other ranks might be going in ABOVE the bathroom across from that closet, so that would be a good place to supply wind from. I don't see that happening anytime soon though, but thought it best to get things planned out for very long term plans should things need to be changed around, and I had a ample supply of 6" wind line so rather than returning it I thought it best to cover the basis to air things in a variety of ways.

Another issue is the blower of course...I suspect we will eventually have 3 blowers, so when that happens, having all these large trunk lines in place will enable easy separation of the various lines so that the various blowers can wind what they need to without any new ductwork going in.

Note in the photo above how the house has that hidden "eve" space for placing the wind lines. This has been a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE blessing.

Initially I had HOPED we could bury the 8" and 6" wind lines UNDERNEATH the new wood floors. I had it all planned out..but when we cut thru the floor there was just not enough room...

Were I to ever build a new house from scratch I would plan on having a large enough space between the floors to hide wind lines.
I had sort of thought it might be possible to get the wind lines as a last resort in those eves should the under-the-floor option not work out, but I did not expect it to work out as well as it did. I just lucked out on having those large unused space for sticking the air lines. As you can see there is quite a bit of room there that I could actually almost put a entire reservoir in that space....or even a small rank of mixture pipes etc.

For now I'm just doing the wind lines and keeping it as open space for the wind lines AND a few of the tremulants.

A photo looking down on the 822 main chest. Interestingly you can see the notes marked on the chest. UNFORTUNATELY many of those markings are incorrect (laughing). It is quite a chore to get those notes back in the proper order with the incorrect labels. Some day I'll have to get those removed. They were possibly marked incorrectly when the pipes were pulled from the organ to make room ON the chest at one point for a speaker for a electric organ substitute while at the church.
(the new electric organ substitute was in place with the speakers on the 822's chest for about 6 months before the organ was moved to my house).

May 15, 2008

Ed Bruenjes playing some awesome Bach on the Holtkamp console downstairs!

The sticky colored tabs on the console are there to begin mapping out stoptabs for the revised stoplist once the additions are made.

Fresh new wiring on the Vox chest by Ed.

Ed holding the Tenor C Vox Humana pipe on the "freshly wired" Vox chest, thanks Ed!

The Vox Humana CC pipe from the rank from the Reuter opus 195 Theatre organ.

Two of the capped Vox pipes repaired by Reuter in Lawrence, Kansas..awesome job!...two of the pipes had thier caps missing which Reuter expertly replaced.

The Vox Humana rank from the Reuter opus 195 Theatre organ.

Ed wiring up the Vox Humana rank from the Reuter opus 195 Theatre organ.

May 14, 2008

Starting to get the reservoirs figured out..thanks to Jay Mitchell in Atlanta...thanks Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some photos today of the plans so far and where the reservoirs will be going.

Tim working on wind lines from the various reservoirs. He is using the Tibia 8' offset chest as a desk. This chest actually holds the lowest 13 notes..I have the photo saying it is only 12, but it is 13.

A photo showing the inlets (will only be using one).

This is out in the main room, this little reservoir will be handling the fireplace ranks (Montre 4' and Celeste 8')

The Vox Humana will be going in this closet space. We will be leaving just enough room to have a swell mechanism installed in this area in the future if it works out, but that is down the road.

Looking down on the Vox OVER the reservoir for it. It will be winded separately so we can tremulate it on a different device than the Tibia.
The Vox will go back a bit until that arm below has just enough room to function when the organ is winded.

May 13, 2008

Very good news..the 822 is up and running again (although severely out of tune now with the pipes being handled so no recordings until I get it tuned up soon I hope.

It has been a C R A Z Y time getting everything in place but the results are starting to show finally.

The wood floors are done, the 822 main chest is back in place.

The plastic PVC pipe used to wind the 822 chest is working like a dream. We hooked up the old original 822 blower back on the 822 chest. It is a VERY noisey blower, but you can HARDLY hear it anymore due to the plastic PVC pipe (heavy gauge) ELIMINATING the wind noise I am completely satisfied with how it has came out.

A important note on plastic PVC ductwork:

I can't imagine I will use anything other than PVC for any pipe organ again after the wonderful results we have obtained.

I used a very heavy guage pipe..the 8" PVC 20' sections are VERY heavy...and take 2 strong people to move one 20' section, and a forklift to get it up onto the top of a utility truck for transport home....i.e. it is NOT lightweight is very heavy and very cumbersome to install.

There are two big negatives to heavy guage PVC:

1. Cost: several hundred dollars per 20 foot section....and the cost of the couplers (fortunately we have not had to use any so far), and elbows/corners are VERY expensive, about 75 dollars for a single 8" 90 degree corner piece.

Check on prices before you get to involved with PVC though as the larger 8" guage is VERY pricey.

2. The weight:
As noted this stuff is HEAVY. It requires two people to install but once you start using smaller sections (cut with a power circular saw), it is fine to work with, just cumbersome.

Also learn how to work with PVC before you attempt to install yourself if you don't know how....there are some tricks to the trade that any plumber would know, so might be helpful to do some smaller windlines before breaking the bank on the larger guauge lines. Tim knows PVC very well and the lines he installed are completely airtight with zero leaks. Basically when you connect PVC you are "welding" the pieces together rather than just glueing them, so research that before attempting this at home.

These are big negatives, but I will not install any windline that is not PVC again for my home organ project and can't emphasize enough how wonderful the results are.
It is very difficult to obtain 8" PVC but..the results...DEAD CANNOT hear the wind in the pipes. You can only hear the blower from where I have not yet insulated the blower room downstairs and thru the original 822 chest which is still pretty loud, but the PVC ductwork itself is completely silent.

Tim got the idea for PVC windlines after visiting the Reuter pipe organ factory in Lawrence, Kansas. All of their voicing rooms use PVC for the windlines and they are dead silent as well.

It is tricky to install, we have installed about 40 feet of 8" line so far..and have another 8" section to install soon to the opus 412..and then another 40 feet at least to the various smaller chests thru out the house for the fireplace additions etc.

All the original 822 pipes are back on the chest, actually for the first time in over 4 years...the bell of one of the oboes had gone missing, and was found recently and reattached...Reuter just finished up repairing the pipe (beautiful job!!!) and it is back at home on the 822 chest and sounds awesome!

A view from downstairs.

A view from the "den" area of the somwhat complete 822 main chest.

The walkboard still needs put back on and the Tremolo re-attached but we have the house somewhat back in order.

The Oboe rank.

Tim cleaning some of the larger Gedeckt pipes.

Cleaning one of the smaller Gedeckt pipes.

Cleaning one of the larger Dulciana pipes before placing it back in the chest.

Placing a Dulciana pipe. You can see there are two sets of wiring for each rank. The original 822 console has its own original interface intact with the 822 main chest and operates the organ independently of the modern Syndyne driver boards that you can see in the forefront just barely. The Syndyne boards are operated from the Holtkamp console downstairs.

The largest diapason pipes have a special rack to tie the pipes in to prevent them from falling over.

Monday afternoon, Tim Neal, starting to put the pipes back on the 822 chest after it has been put back into place and carefully cleaned.

Note the swell opening above.

A photo taken from the "overlook" from where the swell shades will eventually go..looking down on the very unkept house while all the updates are going in.

A photo taken from the "overlook" from where the swell shades will eventually go..looking down on the 822 main chest and the original 822 console area. The console barely survived all the moving. A few more dead keys from it now that will have to be fixed.

A photo taken from the "overlook" from where the swell shades will eventually go..looking down on the 822 main chest and my "den" area where I had the 822 pipes stores while the flooring was going in the swell chamber.

May 10, 2008

All the large 412 chests are now in place!

Thanks to Elias, Bobby & Matt for getting the HEAVY lifting done!

Was obviously VERY difficult to move the large main chests of the Reuter opus 412 pipe organ to the swell chamber.

Most May 10th update photos by Tim Neal, thanks Tim!

Matt, Elias & Bobby moving the SMALLest of the main 412 chests....had to go thru the front of the house to maneuver the chests up stairs.

Elias, Matt, Bobby & myself placing the smaller of the two opus 412 main chests on the frame in the swell chamber.

Matt & Bobby on the back of Elias's truck with the larger of the two opus 412 main chests.

Bobby & me going up the steps (Elias and Matt hidden from view but they are actually doing most of the lifting at this point!

ABOVE PHOTO: This is the larger of the two opus 412 main chests. This chest holds the Bourdon 8/4/2, Violin Diapason 8/4, Salicional 8/4, & Vox Celeste 8/4.

This is the 1970's Octave 4' & Spitz Principal 2' chest that was added to the opus 412 to "UN-unitize" that organ.

These two ranks will be placed in the swell chamber but I plan on making them playable from the Great only.

Bobby & Elias carrying the Spencer 5" blower for the opus 822.

Tim carrying in the tallest pipe of the opus 412 (we hope/think!).....the opus 412 won't be playable for a long long time but we wanted to get in a pipe to double check on clearences before we finalized placement of the 412 main chests.

Photo looking down in the swell chamber. You can see the single pipe in the photo below this one so I am reposting it to give a better idea of the chest layout.

There is about 8" of space ABOVE the tallest pipe so we think we are just fine on chest placement!


As you can see the ceiling is higher but the chest has to be over this far to the left so that we can still walk around the "treble" side of the chests.

That was one mistake we made (not leaving a walk around space of the ENTIRE chest) on the opus 822 chest out in the main room.
Having at least a 18" walk around space allows access to every pipe on the organ much more easily, for spot tuning, or pulling a note that is misbehaving or to access the reservoir to fix something there, or replace a magnet etc.

There are some air leaks on the 822 reservoir that I've never been able to fix so will finally be able to get those fixed once we get everything else up and running.

After the excitement of getting the opus 412 main chests placed (and bellows) it was back to work on placing the 8" PVC wind lines for the opus 822.
This is taking quite some time, but it is going very well. This pipe is extremely heavy and SHOULD really work out well..we hope! Will know in a few days once we get it all going again (maybe!)

UPDATE ON THE PVC: IT WORKS WONDERFULLY. I will use PVC for probably all windlines in the future. EXTREMELY quiet, nearly dead silent. I'm using a very heavy gauge PVC that was very expensive but it is nearly crush proof (it is so strong you can easily walk on it), and very thick for sound insulation of the wind noise.

This photo is taken BELOW the chests of the opus 412 in the swell chamber.

This was formerly a bedroom so there are lots of windows which makes the room very nice to work in unlike many swell chambers! (lol)

There is a 18" walking space around the entire 412 main chests. Thus this chest completely fills up the room for the most part although there is still room for the 16' Subbass & 16' Trumpet extention (mitered) which will be placed after we get the main 412 chests going.

May 9, 2008

A slight delay in getting the 822 going....we are rushing ahead with getting the 412 chest in place due to having a opportunity for having a team of my nephew and his strong buddies this afternoon (Saturday) to get the chests upstairs.

This black framework on the floor is the floor framework for the 412 chest. As you can see once the chests are in it is going to be a very snug fit for having the main 412 chests in this location. There will be a 18" to 22" walkspace around the perimeter of the chests...nothing more.

Tim upsairs where the swell shades will go down the road if the sound egress makes shades a desirable option.

May 8, 2008

Diane above the swell chamber where the swell shutters will eventually go.

This will be the Swell opening to the main house. There are some options of opening this up further on the sides, but will try just this size for now.

This opening is about 6 or 7 feet tall at its tallest part in the center.

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