May 27, 2010 update:

Some VERY exciting news to report. With the blessing of its previous caretakers, J.R. Smith & Michael Conrady the Reuter opus 711 has been obtained for possible use in the chapel that the Reuter opus 822 came from. It is a very similar organ but slightly larger in that it also has a celeste rank which the 822 lacked. We will be ascertaining over the coming months whether it will in fact fit in the space of the chapel and what engineering will be required to make that happen! Thanks Michael & JR!!!!!

The Reuter opus 711 was last located at Sacred Heart Church of the St. Joan of the Arc Parish, Anthony, Kansas.

Special thanks to Nathan Wilcox & Jacob Creel for helping move the opus 711!!!!!

April 9, 2010 update:

Trevor surprised me and got the WurliTzer Xylophone hooked up!

We are not sure which particular Wurlitzer theatre organ this xylophone was built for, but it does appear in excellent shape and is now operable on the 822!!!

It is VERY exciting to have a Xylophone on the pipe organ as the Reuter opus 195 theatre organ had a xylophone that has long since went missing...thus finding one to put back on the organ to be at home with the opus 195's Tibia and Vox Humana is very gratifying!

You can hear this xylophone in a preliminary recording on the mp3 page.

The xylophone is shown in the space above the upstairs restroom...just behind it is the Trompette 8' rank.... so it speaks directly behind the swell shutters out into the main room and is under expression (once that is working).

April 8, 2010 update:

Trevor continues to work on the shades, getting closer.

In the meantime we have installed the lowest 12 notes of the Reuter opus 412's Bourdon rank.

This was done in a fashion similar to the Montre 16' out front, but on a much smaller scale.
Bourdon 16' pipes are half length, not truely 16' feet tall, just about 8 feet or so, maybe more but not near as tall as those Montres!

This rank was constructed in 1931 for the Opus 412 in Nevada, Iowa (First United Methodist Church).

With the addition of this rank EVERY pipe on the opus 412 will be playing except the 32 note pedal Bourdon rank (which is going to be used at St. Paul's Lutheran Borchers, but that is another story for later this summer.

Anyhoooo this rank is a 16/8/4/2 rank. i.e. 92 notes..from 16' all the way to 2'. We will be unitizing it to ALL available pitches, 16', 8', 4', 2', 2 2/3' 1 3/5' an 1' as well.

For now on the HOltkamp 2 manual console it can only be used at 16' on the pedal and at 8' and 2' on the Swell due to stop tab limitations (I'm out of stoptabs).

Pics of the install:

Here the bottom of the chest is shown mounted to the wall. It was sawed in half by Trevor and then installed similar to the Montre rank out front.

This shows better where the rank was going, along that ceiling on the left.

You can see the tops of these pipes come close and in one case actually touch pipes of the opus 412's Violin Diapason.

This rank turned out to fit very nicely and makes a VERY welcome "SOFT 16" pedal addition!

Not sure what to call it yet, likely either Echo Bourdon 16', Bourdon Doux 16', or Celestial Bourdon 16'.

Lower left, Tibia 8'. Upper left, opus 412 16' small scale (lieblich gedeckt extention) of the Bourdon rank.

The space has filled up quite nicely!

Upper left: Opus 412's (Echo) Bourdon 16'. Lower left, Opus 195's 8' Octave of the Tibia Clausa. immediate right: Clarinet 4'. to the right all the way, Opus 195's Subbass 16' pedal extention of the Tibia Clausa. in back..Viole Celeste (Opus 195) and the Clarinet 8' octave.

April 4, 2010 update:

I've obtained a Roosevelt Gemshorn rank from Alexander Hendrickson. This is a 73 note 4' rank built as a "Great" Gemshorn 4' on the Roosevelt opus 402 pipe organ.

The pipes are spotted metal except the lowest 5 notes which are zinc.

I placed them on the fireplace "Montre" chest temporarily to hear them play, a recording is here:

It turns out not to be a gemshorn sound at all, so instead I will be using it as the 4' Octave on my Great organ (as well as at 16', 8' & 2'), and as a 8' and 16' solo rank. It has a slightly thin, slightly stringy Diapason tone. I will probably rename the rank "Geigan Principal".

Shade work is progressing!

April 2, 2010 update:

Trevor has returned to install the mechanisms to operate the swell shades!

After a review of the "space available" the "reality" situation has dictated some changes to my "grandiose" plans for the 822.

For a while I had a spec that took the organ up to about 35 ranks but there is just flat out not enough room to do that many more ranks.

So..after Trevor gets the shades installed and working we will carefully measure and see what can REALLY go where and at that time I'll post an updated "2010 spec".

I THINk we can get the organ up to about 30 ranks..we shall see!

Tentative Summer 2010 rank additions:

1. 16'-2' Reuter opus 412 Echo Bourdon (swell)

2. 1 3/5' Tierce (positiv)

3. Harp (positiv)

4. 4' Roosevelt Gemshorn (Geigan Principal) (great)

5. 16'-8' Dulzian (positiv)

6. 8' Nasonflute (positiv)

7. 8' TC Austin Celeste (great)

8. 2 2/3' & 1 1/3' Nazard/Larigot (positiv)

9. Xylaphone (swell)

10. Acme Siren (theatre organ style whistle)

11. Reuter Cello 8'

That brings the organ to 30 ranks. There is a possiblity of a 31th secret rank but that will require quite some engineering.

Ranks that have to be moved/relocated:

8' Spitzflote has to be relocated to where the 8' Flute Celeste is to make way for the 8' to 2' section of the Echo Bourdon. The Spitzflote sits on the spot of the opus 412 that was built for the Echo Bourdon. Moving the Spitzflote to where the Flute Celeste rank is, then moving the Flue Celeste to another chest as an offset (it will possibly lose its bottom 8' octave unfortunately (which is actually the bottom 12 notes of the 8' opus 412's Dulciana)...but those pipes may be able to be used yet if the secret addition doesn't make it).

8' Hautbois has to be located to an offset chest to make way for the Reuter Cello rank to be placed on the opus 412's "Swell" organ chest. This is a pittman chest, and for unitization reasons the Hautbois needs to be on a separate chest to be available at different divisions at different pitches. Placing the Cello on the 412 makes every rank on the 412 swell chest a string rank for a 5 rank separate string division.

8' Clarinet has to get relocated and moved to the same offset chest as the Hautbois 8' for space reasons.

The "Positiv" division is going where the Reuter opus 822's original console is located now. That console will be returning to the church it was built for to control another pipe organ there later this summer.

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