September 8, 2010 update:

The Reuter opus 711 at Borcher's chapel is now playing!

Borcher's Chapel at night.

August 29, 2010 update:

No specific new updates on the 822. Work continues on the 711.

Stay tuned in about 2 weeks we should start to have alot of action going on the Austin 500 console. LOTS of exciting things planned for that!

No new MP3's will be recorded until the Austin 500 console is in place.

July 22, 2010 update:

Ed has returned to help Nathan in restoring and placing the Reuter opus 711 pipe organ at Borchers Chapel near Cortland, Indiana (the original home of the opus 822 pipe organ (the opus 822 which will remain in my home, the opus 711 will we think fit exactly where the 822 was located).

They are busy now releathering the main chest. It is mosly direct electric action but the bass octaves of most ranks are EP and need releathered.

For previous posted info on the opus 711:

July 18, 2010 upate:

Big news..Trevor go the harp installed!!!

Several recordings of it on the MP3 page!!!!

July 15, 2010 update:

Trevor & Nathan are back busy working on a multitude of projects on the rapidly expanding Reuter opus 822.

Trevor is installing a harp..hopefully will have more news on this by tomorrow!

The remainder of the Spitzflute pipes in the swell have been racked now!

It is baaaaaaaaack...The Austin 500 MAY be used for the expanded organ after all!!!!!

The Austin 500 is being dissasembled in preparation for study of whether it can be refurbished. If it doesn't work out, the Holtkamp 3 manual we have also been working on will be used.

Nathan at work disassembling the Austin 500 console.

The first step in this process is removal of the keyboards to a humidity controlled environment. The console is in storage in a unheated/un-airconditioned garage...thus in this humid and very warm July weather the keyboards have likely expanded quite a bit due to the high moisture. Nathan got them all removed and placed in the air conditioned (and dehumidified) part of the garage to prepare the keyboards for a restoration.

Out of an abundance of caution we are SLOWLY adjusting the room temperature of the keyboards down to a comfortable level so that the keyboards do not too warp while perhaps too quickly adjusting to their new environment..the ivory is all in very nice shape so we want to try and keep those affixed!

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