June 2008 install pics.

A photo taken inside the swell chamber showing the Melodia & Grand Diapason pipes on the 412 chest. Note that the outside windows still allow for lots of natural light into the room which makes working in there MUCH nicer than had it been should NOT be a tuning issue for sun reasons though as the hill and tree's don't allow for direct sunlight into that room.

I'm standing about in front of the Vox Humana 8' in the hallway between the main room and the back swell chamber.

The wiring is on the bathroom wall...these are the Syndyne Driver boards that are being used to control the organ. (The wiring will look nice and neat eventually!).

Looking up at some of the larger Violin Diapason pipes. You can see the Octave 4' and Spitz Principal 2' chest above.

The opus 412's Melodia rank (the bottom octave is stoppered). This is a awesome blending stop with the 412's Salicional and Celeste.

The Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba that has been rescaled as a Trumpet. You can see that one octave is "harmonic" with double length resonators. We are missing the resonators for the bottom octave of this rank, so not quite sure it will end up being used.

A look again atop the 412 chest. You can see the first rackboard is empty..that was a former Bourdon 8/4/2 that will be used by the SpitzFlote 8'...then you can see the largest Salicional 8' pipe....and along the back window you can see the largest 12 notes of the 8' Grand Diapason (The Grand Diapason is what I am calling the opus 412's big 42 scale Diapason). June 29, 2008 update:

Well after hearing the big 42 scale diapason for a few days now I've decided on a name. It is now the "Grand Diapason 8'". It is not a particularly loud stop, and not a solo stop, but adds "grandness" to whatever stop it is playing with, thus going with that name as it is more than just a "diapason".

I'm still just in shock at how awesome the organ is sounding..even horridly out of tune. The original 5 ranks of the 822 was awesome and I did so much recording on it, but these additional ranks are taking it from being a really special 5 rank unit organ and bringing it into the "big leagues" in terms of sound.

When I play that Violin Diapason, both Saliionals, the Vox celeste, the Melodia and the Dulciana together, with the 16' couplers on you would swear there is a orchestra upstairs playing. It is sooooo lovely in person....that aspect I can't seem to record yet but I'll figure it out...but in person it sounds just amazing....literally every time I sit down to the console and play I get goosebumps.....everytime!...and then when I add that big 42 scale Diapason it just well..I can't describe how beautiful and grand the sound is.

I'm posting a recording on the MP3 page of the St. Anne Fugue (BWV 552, Bach), that has this registration but the recording does not do justice to how it sounds in person.

Don is giving me a idea as I type this of having a 2nd oboe and using it as a Oboe celeste with the 822's oboe. I just might try that as that Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba/Trumpet is having issues.

That would give me 4 celestes: 2 string celestes, 1 flute celeste and 1 oboe celeste.

Some pics from yesterday, Tim mostly took the day off, but he did get some of the stoptabs changed on the Holtkamp console:

June 28, 2008 have to say..the additions are turning out for the most part AMAZINGLY well. Tim, Ed & Trevor got all of the ranks that I am adding from the opus 412 going yesterday, and I have made some very prelminary recordings of those that can be found on the MP3 page.

The Salicional and Vox Celeste are particularly beautiful....I had worried those would be almost inaudible back in that back room, but they speak out into the house amazingly well. I'm still this morning in shock at how great they sound.

The Melodia 8' is much quieter than I thought it would have been, but I have found that it is indeed a wonderful stop for blending with the Celeste and the strings and other ranks so very excited to have it.

The 42 scale Diapason is MUCH quieter than I thought it would sounds great, but is definately a soft romantic large scale diapason. I will have the stoptab for it as "Diapason 8'". I had encouraged ideas for renaming that stop something more interesting as I thought it would speak out into the room quite powerfully, however in the end, it is basically just a nice diapason.

The Violin Diapason is great, very stringy and deep, and sounds great with the string celestes.

The first Trumpet we have started to install has hit some snags, it turns out I'm missing 10 resonators for the largest of that rank at 8', so I'm trying to locate those down in Georgia where I hope I can pick them up soon to get that rank completed.

Still many ranks to add: We plan on getting them all added except the Armory Trumpet which will be very last as because it is being moved, it has to go next to the 822 chest. The 822 chest leaks air and needs some work done to it, so Tim will not be placing that chest until after those repairs are made which could be later this summer, but hopefully by late August.

In the meantime we WILL have all other ranks added, INCLUDING the 8' Holtkamp pedal Posaune which is probably going to go where the Armory Trumpet originally was to be located.

The swell chamber is turning out as planned in terms of most things fitting where they were supposed to go. As you can see in the photographs the 12 or so ranks fit very well into the room. The wonderful placement of the Octave 4' and Spitz Principal 2' ABOVE the 412 chest is original to how those 2 ranks were added to the opus 412 when it was in its first home in Nevada, Iowa in the 1970's.

Oh: a bit on those ranks:

The Octave 4' is WONDERFUL. And quite chiffy which was a great surprise! I had added those 2 ranks last to the list of what I was adding just because they do fit in so nicely.

A movie (warning it ends abruptly):

Cortege & Litanie, walking thru the swell chamber

New mp3's at:

MP3 page

Some pics:

This is a few taken with the camera resting on the Octave 4' chest above the 412 main chest. You can see how the pipes speak directly out into the main part of the house over the opus 822 pipes which you can see, along with the Tibia 4' chest to the right.

You can see here how the pipes fit into the room. So far just one Octave 4' pipe has had to be mitered.

This is inside the swell chamber at night. You can see not all the pipes have been racked yet...the Spitz Flute is going in the first rack, and its celeste is going in on the other side to complete the pipes going on this chest.
It is going to take some time to redrill the rackboards to accomodate the Spitzflote pipes however, but hopefully in a few days they will be up.

a few from the corner looking back at the 412 chest. There is a 18" walkway around the perimeter of the chest to access to all pipes and areas is possible.

The unused rack here is for the SpitzFlote Celeste.

Trever heading out of can see a large diapason pipe in his truck, that was from a rank of pipes that were extra (non-Reuter) that he will be using for a church up in Michigan that he is doing some work on.

He is holding a French Horn pipe that he has restored. We didn't get a chance to place those on the 822 chest to do some recordings, but hopefully next week we can do that to hear what that rank would sound like on the 822.

Trevor atop the 412 chest placing some Melodia pipes.

Placing the Trumpet rank on the 412 chest...lots of issues there, the rank is partially harmonic, and has been rescaled from a Tuba so getting every pipe in the correct hole is quite a undertaking. Presently we only have the rank from TC up, but hope to locate the resonators for the bottom octave as well so we can use this rank (The 1920's Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba rescaled as a Trumpet).

Ed finishing up wiring the LAST of the chests (for now anyways!) of the additions to the 822.

That chest next to him is a single line 20 note chest meant for a 16' Pedal Bourdon. I won't be using those pipes (I don't THINK), so we are going to attempt to use that chest with the 8' Posaune pedal reed. It might work!

The chest to the right next to the stone is the Montra 8' facade chest, and behind Ed with the white strings dangling is the 8' octave chest for the 8' Moller Clarinet that is being added.

Trevor placing some of the opus 412 Salicionals.

Looking up you can just see how the top of the Octave 4' comes within INCHES of the ceiling.

June 27 update

The Octave 4' and Spitz Principal 2' of the Reuter opus 412 from Nevada, Iowa, now in place and operating in the swell chamber. These ranks now play on the "great" in combination with the original Reuter 822 Open Diapason, and sound great together.

Once we get them tuned (they are pretty out of tune right now) I will be posting some recordings. The scale of the pipes is quite "romantic" so these pipes are not harsh at all, and are VERY beautiful sounding.

This stop had been added as sort of a "well it fits, so lets stick it in" addition that really was not planned, and has turned out to be an amazing addition that really works wonderfully with the Opus 822 main Diapason.

This rank was made by Reuter in the 1970's as part of a "un-unificiation" of the opus 412. The condition of the pipes is brand new along with the chests. I was not wild about mitering one of the pipes, but that had to be done for the ranks to be complete.

You can see a photo below of Trevor mitreing one of the pipes which was too tall for the sloped ceiling.

Tim doing some cleaning of the large 42 scale Diapason pipes of the Opus 412. This rank should be up and running sometime on Friday, June 27th.

Placing the large 42 scale diapason pipes..this back offset chest holds the largest 12 notes of this rank.

June 26, 2008 update:

Plans are changing on the Armory is now going to be placed behind the 822 chest in the main part of the house, NOT under expression at least temporarily. Thus it will now be operated from the "Great" keyboard and not the Swell. This is to avoid having to mitre the pipes at least for now although in the future I may go ahead and put it back in the swell chamber.

Afternoon update:
Tim is finishing up the wind lines to the 412 chest.

Trevor, mitering the low C pipe of the Octave 4' that is above the 412 chest so it does not hit the ceiling.

The Tibia is playing!

The 8' and 4' Tibia Clausa is now functional thanks to Trevor, Tim & Ed, thanks!!!! No Tremulant on that yet but might get that going today or tomorrow possibly. It is about 25 to 40% louder than the Gedeckt rank and sounds awesome! Once it gets tuned I'll post a recording in a few days.

Recent pics of the activities:

Trevor Dodd beginning to place the Tibia 4' notes.

placing the notes from the top of the upstairs bathroom...the top of this bathroom is the main access for the Tibia 4' as well as for the Armory Trumpet which will be placed soon.

A photo taken by Trevor looking down on the Tibia 4' which shows placement of the Vox Humana in the closet below.
At the bottom of the photo you can see the offset chest for the 8' octave for the Tibia Clausa.

Trevor upstairs above the bathroom..this photo was taken by me standing near the upstairs fireplace and shows how placement of the Tibia 4' allows for as much tonal egress out to the main house as possible from the back room.

Ed finishing up wiring the bottom 12 notes of the offsetchest for the large 42 scale diapason of the opus 412. Behind him is the offset chest of the 13 notes (C thru CC) of the 8' Tibia Clausa with the pipes in place.

Tim and Trevor had a wonderful surprise for me when I returned...they got the Octave 4' and Spitz Principal 2' in place above the 412 chest! One note needs to be mitered to fit on the chest below the ceiling yet.

Much work has been done in the last 2 days, including must of the air lines to the 412 chest as well as Trevor reworking the Vox air lines to get that rank playing again at a correct pressure.

June 21, 2008 update:

Ed arrived Friday afternoon and started work on putting the 412 back together.

Ed underneath the 412 main chest attaching a magnet board to the underframe. The 412 has 3 magnet boards to operate 7 ranks.

These are the Syndyne driver boards for most of the ranks we are adding. A few of the driver boards are being placed next to the chests in other locations.

This is a POSSIBLE idea on placement of the 16' bottom octave of the 16'/8'/4' Armory Trumpet from the historic 1910 Austin organ built for the Atlanta Auditorium Armory.

I had not planned on using these pipes as placement of the unmitered pipes did not allow easy access to an airline or wind chest. However due to the historical value of the rank, I have decided to attempt to keep the set together in playing condition, thus we are going to ATTEMPT to place the bottom octave of the 16' Trumpets in this manner as demonstrated in this photo.

I have two separate offset chests that were built for a split 16' Bourdon rank that we are going to ATTEMPT to use for these pipes. The pipes will have to be attached to the ceiling going up at the same angle as the roof line. Whether this works, well, who knows. This will work from a winding standpoint though as we can take a wind line from the reservoir for the 4' Montre pipes on the fireplace right next to this. How it looks will be either really interesting or really who knows. lol.

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