July 18, 2008 afternoon update:

Ed continues to releather the entire 13 note offset chest....the chest looks to have been releathered in 1973, but the leathers from that are very very brittle and not holding up very well so Ed is redoing the entire chest.

July 18, 2008 morning update:

Ed is releathering the 13 note 8' bass section of the Tibia...this chest had the tenor C pipe not speaking at all..just blowing wind out thru the pipe...the leather had gotten wet at some point and had rotted out. Ed releathered the entire chest while it was apart last night:

This 13 note offset chest and the Vox chest that Trevor is releathering are the oldest chests on the organ, dating from 1926 and are for the most part on original leather although Ed did see one leather pouch that was replaced in 1973 when the organ was removed from the Hotel Cortez and relocated to the first of many churches in El Paso, Texas that it spent some time in.

July 17, 2008 evening update:

"The Armory Trumpet briefly tested out, along with the 3 working notes of the Schlicker 16' pedal trumpet. - VIDEO"

Did a quickie recording of the Widor Toccata:

"Widor Tocatta (out of tune) - VIDEO"

July 17, 2008 afternoon update:

Ed arrived and immediately went to work on getting the Austin Armory Trumpet up and least partially......note the wiring issue below...while we were going thru giving it a spot tune, Ed worked up a wiring diagram to get everything correctly wired. The rank sounds great! I expect to have the rank available from Tenor C on up by this evening.....getting the wiring done is quite a chore, but he is getting that done. The 8' bass octave will probably wait until we figure out some issues on the 16' section which is made up of Schlicker pipes. Presently only a few of those are working correctly and to get that going it going to possibly require quite a bit of moving around of the pipes so the 8' section won't be going in at least for now until the 16's are working somewhat.

The GREAT news is the Armory Trumpet sounds VERY trumpety/loudly and is indeed the most powerful stop on the organ. I was worried that it might not be powerful enough, but where it is placed allows it to speak out just fine and very well.

I'll try to get a basic recording up sometime tomorrow a.m. to demo at least that part of the rank that is working and sounding much better than the Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba/Trumpet that I elected to replace with another oboe

The Armory Trumpet is playable at 8' pitch on both the Great and the Swell as well as at 16' with the Schlicker 12 note 16' extention on the pedal.

July 17, 2008 morning update:

Well several issues keep popping up..first and foremost...I don't have enough wind with the blowers I have...I've thought this for several months but over the last month or so it has become quite apparent that I'm going to have to do something to get more wind for the organ. I'm going to get things evaluated professionally on that regard as I'd like at this point to probably start over with one large blower that would operate in near complete silence to eliminate the "rumble" I have in the house now from using the old 822 blower and the "unmuffled" Zephyr I have.

The organ is functional now somewhat, but when I throw on the 16' Coupler on the Swell and hold a big chord on the lower bass notes the organ goes flat and basically "exhausts" itself.

There are still alot of wind leaks which could be causing SOME of that, but I don't have all the ranks hooked up yet (two more to go) so I know that something is going to have to be done on the winding situation. The new blower I purchased last year just does not have the supply for the 16 ranks it is presently being called upon to handle.

The organ does work though, with plenty of air to do several ranks at at time..just not on the swell organ at "full organ" with a 16' coupler and that 16' Subbass going. That 16' Subbass REALLY takes the air.

Ed arrives back today.

What remains to be done:

1. Get all tremulants working, connected.

2. Figure out the wiring on the Austin Armory Trumpet and 16' Schlicker pedal Trumpet extention.

3. Place the Clarinet pipes on the chest (this will require the rackboard to be redrilled extensively).

5. Fix dead notes on the 412 chest...about 6 or 7 dead notes on the "great" side of it affecting the Grand Diapason, Melodia & Flute Celeste.

6. Fireplace ranks: These are probably going to wait until late August now when Tim can return. I MAY go ahead and try and get the Viole Celeste going on the upstairs fireplace, but probably not until August sometime so I may just hold off on that until Tim can return.
There is a special surprise with the fireplace "Montre" rank downstairs that I have been talking about...that surprise is going to have to wait another 6 weeks or so..sorry!
(sorry to keep putting that surprise off, but it really is quite amazing, but I want to save the "best for last" so to that will probably not be operating until late August at the earliest now.

5. The console needs some addtional stoptabs added....I can make due with what I have now to operate everything for now, so that will probably be "very last".

Then after EVERYTHING is fixed on the swell organ there are 2 dead notes on the 822 chest ....1 oboe note now refuses to speak, and there is one flute note that has never worked on the organ since I've had it (a high end F sharp in the 2' octave so it was never too big a deal but I would like to get it fixed).

Trevor is coming back sometime in August to miter the 3 16' Trumpet pipes that I have that dont' fit in...F, F# and G I think...the others on that rank will be up and running soon I believe.

So as you can see, LOTS AND LOTS to do yet, so it may be Christmas before everything is done completely on the additions and I'm not really sure on a timeline on the blower issue so it may be next Spring before the organ is ready for a "opening recital" etc.

Having said that, the organ is presently about 75% functional....with 16 ranks operating of the currently planned 21 ranks.

I do believe the organ will be "done" at 22 ranks. I have a plan on adding a 4' Bourdon to un-unify the 4' rank of the Gedeckt on the 822...or to use it in the Swell if I can find a place for that rank back there somewhere using the Bourdon pipes from the opus 412. Once I do that, the ENTIRE organ would almost be "un-unified" in total on the manuals (although the pedal division would still borrow heavily from the Great.

The un-unificaiton was not really planned, it just worked out that way due mainly to console limitations...I just plain don't have the room for any stop at more than unison pitch from its rank of pipes...I WISH I did as I really like the option of selectively adding a 16' pitch of a rank to something else...such as a 16' String to a 8' flute...a very nice affect that a coupler can't do very well as the coupler would take the 8' Flute to 16' as well which "muddies" up things more than a 16' String long long term I'm keeping an eye out for a larger 3 manual console. I've looked at some but the ones I have seen have been too large for my house, but eventually I do plan on having a larger 3 manual console than the 2 manual I have in now just to add more stoptabs. I could use a console that would hold about 100 stoptabs so I could "re-unify" all of my ranks to the maximum possible again as I already very much miss the unitization I had previously.

By re-unification I mean having each rank available at 16'/8'/4' and sometimes 2' and sometimes a mutation or two available on every manual at every pitch....carried out on a 3 manual organ of my planned 22 ranks I'd have to have 264 stoptabs!!!!!..I won't be doing that, but having around 100 stops WOULD be a reasonable amount of unification over 3 manuals from 22 ranks in my opinion.

Presently only the 822's Gedeckt is unified at 16'/8'/4', 2 2/3' and 2' on the Great manual, the Spitzflote is unified at 8'/4' and 2' on the Swell, and the Tibia rank is unified at 8' and 4' on the swell, and placed at 8' on the Great as well...that is IT in terms of unitization other than the Pedal borrows.

July 16, 2008 afternoon:

I spent about 20 minutes tuning up some of the errant Hautbois notes and made a little recording of the results:

"Be Thou My Vision - Opus 412 Hautbois 8' & Melodia 8' - VIDEO"

July 16, 2008:

Did the first change to the layout in terms of replacing ranks. I took out the Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba/Trumpet and replaced it with the original Reuter opus 412 Oboe which I'm going to get a stoptab engraved for as "Hautbois 8'" differentiate it from the opus 822's Oboe on the great.

I decided for now that one Trumpet is enough, and that for the "ensemble" sound of the opus 412, the original Oboe was a much better fit than the Tuba/Trumpet.

Lots of issues to work out...the Armory Trumpet chest thru me for a BIG surprise yesterday when placing notes...the layout on the chest leaves about 12 notes empty, so the wiring of that to get it to play correctly is going to be a real "chore" (to use the polite term) NOT sure when I'll have a operable Trumpet, but someday hopefully Ed can figure out that wiring mess.

A final recording of the Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba:

"Fete - w/ Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba and opus 822 Oboe"

Back to the Oboe/Hautbois....Bobby stopped by last night to help me place the pipes on the Armory Trumpet and the Hautbois...we got them all placed and the Hautbois sound great with the other opus 412 stops...the Armory Trumpet is not yet wired in.

A video of myself demo'ing the "Hautbois" which in the video I call the "Swell Oboe":

Video link:

Opus 412 Hautbois (Swell Oboe) demo

A interesting "outside the house recording".

Video link:

Outside the house video

Yesterday's photos:

This is the 4' and higher section of the Austin Armory Trumpet ....note the empty note holes on the rackboard..this rank is spaced out quite the wiring is going to have to be adjusted to match where the pipes may be some time before we get this rank going, although it is "aired" now.

A photo taken while I was standing above the upstairs bathroom overlooking the opus 412 chest. You can see the tops of the Austin Armory 4' Trumpet pipes (the 8' octave will be placed down below next to the 16' Trumpets).

Also note the 4' Octave and 2' Spitz Principal. They were placed in this "high up" position in the church in Nevada, Iowa...and this placement works out perfect for my house as these two ranks are actually being played from the "great" manual....having them high up allows them to speak out over the bathroom very well.

Non-flash photo, same as previous....Once the Clarinet gets placed (you can see the rackboard rail for it in the lower left), you can see that I'll have just about every usable square foot os space being used by pipes...with so far ONLY ONE pipe having to be mitred (the C note on the 4' Octave, as you can see).

The front two pipes are the tops of the "Hautbois 8'"....opus 412's Oboe....thanks to Ryan for doing such a awesome job getting these pipes in wonderful shape, and having the tuning scrolls replaced. They look and sound awesome..THANKS RYAN..I know I told you I had not been planning on using that rank, but as it turns out I think that rank is indeed the best fit for the 412.

Interestingly while placing the pipes, Bobby and I found that only 3 needed tuned to get the rank pretty much in shape...the pipes held their tune VERY well from when it was in the church...much to my was like they really wanted to "speak again" with their sister ranks.

A photo of the complete opus 412 Hautbois (Oboe) in place.

July 11, 2008:

Did a video (16 minutes long) of myself playing some hymns etc giving the various string stops on the 412 a trial recording. I'll be replacing this video once the organ gets all tuned eventually.

Video link:

Opus 412 stop demonstration video

As usual pretty wretched playing on my part, excuse my language during the video from time to time ;)

July 10, 2008 update:

This is the chest that will be used with the Clarinet 4' pipes. The Clarinet 8' pipes are going in another offset chest that you can just see in a photo below.

This chest originally was used with a Moller Oboe on the Reuter opus 195 organ in El Paso Texas. It looks to be a 1970's addition to that organ when it was moved from the Hotel Cortez to a church sometime in the early 1970's. I will not be using those oboe pipes as I already have two sets of Reuter oboes and am currently debating on whether to use both Reuter oboes, or just the one on the this chest will be used with the Clarinet that I picked up that is a 1920's vintage Moller rank.

The air inlet is underneath the chest (3"). I attached this PVC connector to it to use for attaching the PVC line to this rank. I should have air to the rank sometime next week. This particular type of connector is inexpensive, and works with both 4" and 3" PVC...3" PVC fits INSIDE the flange....4" PVC fits OVER the flange. For this particular rank I will be using 3" PVC to the main 412 chest for air supply.

Here is the chest between the Tibia 8' offset, and the 16' Subbass offset. Originally I had planned on it going in at pretty much ground level, but all the wind lines in the room meant it had to be raised up quite a bit..and with the pipes of the Subbass blowing out directly onto where the Clarinet pipes would be, Ed and I thought it best to go ahead and move the entire chest up to about 12 inches ABOVE the mouths of the Subbass pipes.
In this photo you can just see the other chest to the left with the dangling strings..that will hold the 12 notes of the 8' octave of the Clarinet.

It is hard to see in this photo, but the Subbass pipe mouths are below this chest and should work just fine although of course it is not a very attractive arrangement.

Underneath the 4' Clarinet chest.

Looking up you can see there is some clearance to allow for note removal on at least most notes..there is one Subbass pipe that the chest is actually screwed into for support however..

However it should work, and allow access to everything for tuning reasons, and most importantly for speaking out into the house.

The sad reality is that I'm just plain running out of room for pipe placement. I'm less confident that I will be able to get the pedal 8' Posuane in at all now.

Trevor has an idea of taking the Austin 16' Trumpets and putting them basically where this Clarinet chest is, however having the two sets of 16' Trumpets would probably mean I have to lose the Clarinet offset chests least back in this room.

No new postings probably until mid week NEXT week most likely when Ed returns and we start placing the Clarinets and Armory Trumpet ranks.

A trip to Atlanta over the weekend:

July 9, 2008 a.m. update:

Photographs and recordings w/video (!!!) of Jay Mitchell demonstrating the organ at First United Methodist Church, Covington, Georgia. I was down to visit with Jay on Sunday and he arranged to visit with this wonderful instrument:

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the page.

Link: First United Methodist Church, Covington, GA

July 8, 2008, afternoon update:

The largest pipes of the Spitzflote 8' rank..note they are not in the best shape....alot of surface metal issues.

A photo of the Spitzflote 8'/4' rank (extended to 2' with pipes from the opus 412 Bourdon).
Notice the new rackboard for this rank. The old rackboard is being saved should we put the Bourdon back in its place someday, but I'm pretty sure the Spitzflote will be staying where it is, but it does need quite a bit of regulation.

The Spitz Celeste rank.

As you can see there are several pipes that need regulated, and that it is on a new rackboard as well. This rank replaces a Dulciana 8' although the bottom 12 notes (8' octave) of that Dulciana 8' are in place with these pipes to continue the celeste rank for a full 73 notes (8' and 4' complete).

Posting a video taken last Thursday evening of the Tibia running. Ed got the tremulant working on the Tibia chest. It needs adjusted to shake the air more, but is up and running!

Video link:
"Grand ol' Flag"

July 8, 2008 morning update: I was down in Atlanta over the weekend visiting with Tim Young & Jay Mitchell. In a few days I will have a really interesting video of Jay demonstrating a marvelous organ in Covington, Georgia..check back for that soon!

I was able to pick up the 10 missing resonators for the Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba/Trumpet. These resonators are marked Trumpet (for the 8' octave of the set), but 4' up are all marked Tuba, and the 2' and higher are harmonic (double length).

I've revised the stoplist at the bottom of this page slightly.

I'm going to have both trumpets for now, but it may be some time before we can get them air lines yet to the Armory Trumpet or it's 16' extention....and the Tuba/Trumpet on the 412 chest does not fit the rack boards, so those either need drilled out or a new board made to hold the trumpets. Still debating on that one, on whether I'd rather have 2 trumpets, and one oboe..or...2 Oboes and one trumpet.

I'm going to get that Tuba/Trumpet in over the summer at some point and see how it sounds, but I like the idea of two oboes and using one as a celeste with the other, so I may want to try that sometime in the future.

July 4, 2008 update:

Tim got the Montre facade pipes up in front of the 822 chest today..and in the photo you can see Ed underneath getting them wired up. The pipes in front of the fireplace have been up for several days....well a few are missing as the rackboards are not quite sized correctly..but will get those up soon.... there is a surprise with the fireplace rank that I'm saving for when they are functional..stay tuned for that!.

Thanks so much to Trevor, Tim & Ed for all the help the past few weeks!!!!

Ed wiring up the Armory trumpet control board.

Tim placing the Montre facade pipes on the 822.

Everyone is taking off for the holiday so no new updates until early next week at the earliest. Have a safe and happy July 4th!!!!!

July 3, 2008 update:

After several days of hard work, Ed arranged for Trevor and Tim to get a tour of the big 4 manual Aeolian-Skinner at First Christian in Columbus, Indiana.

Organ link:

Trevor at the console at First Christian.

Myself at the console

Trevor trying some of the different stops out.

Tim's turn!

Ed also walked us over to St. Peter's Lutheran in Columbus, Indiana for a very nice demo of the Steiner-Reck organ there.

Trevor giving the Rodgers 550 a quick play. This is a analog organ built by Rodgers in the early 1970's that I have in my collection.

Organ link:

Back at home we got all the 16' Subbass pipes in place and speaking. They sound very nice and do not block the sound of the organ as I had feared they might. The sound from the 412 chest travels UP and OVER the bathroom wall rather than thru the hallway out to the main room, so this pipe arrangement works at least from that standpoint, but there is another issue (read further below for that).

Photo looking into the back "swell room" showing the Tibia 8' pipes. There is a separate offset chest of 13 notes for those pipes. These play with the Subbass 16's to complete the 16' Subbass Pedal stop.

I wanted to get this photograph before the 16' Trumpets went in....There are several sets of pipes going in between these two wooden flues...the Clarinet 8' and 4' chests (2), as well as the large 16' mitered Trumpet.
So this was the last time I can photograph just these nice wood pipes alone!

I had to play a softball game this night, so after we got the Subbass pipes in I went to the game, to return to find the 16' Trumpets going in!

Upon my return I found out the Trumpet 16' pipes had some surprises...they are too tall!!!!!!! UGH.

They JUST fit, but are actually WEDGED up against the rooftop on one side of the tops of the resonators.

Trevor working on the wind inlet for the Trumpet 16' chest. This chest will also hold the bottom octave of the 8' Austin Atlanta Armory Trumpet.

Here you can see the tops of the pipes hitting the ceiling. It does not affect their speaking too much though as at midnight last night I got awoke to them speaking VERY VERY VERY loudly!
The bottom octave has 3 notes that don't fit, that Trevor will be returning to re-miter later this summer so we have the entire range of notes for the big 16' pedal stop. Fortunately the CC, thru FF# are all in place, so I do have the bottom 6 notes playing, just missing FFF#, EEE & DDD, but we will get those in eventually.

Alot of activities going on today, Ed, Tim and Trevor are all at the house working yet today to finish as much as they can before everyone departs for the 4th of July holiday.

Tim will return in mid July to finish up what doesn't get installed today. Ed will be back next week to finish the tremulants and finish wiring in the Austin Atlanta Armory Trumpet 4' chest above the bathroom, and help me get the pipes placed on that.....

After the clarinet and Armory Trumpet pipes are in place, I will have all the pipes on the organ that I am doing for now. The pedal Posaune is getting delayed a bit, but I have an idea where it can go eventually, but want to get the other items working first before that goes in........
so after those 2 more ranks are placed, it will be time to go in and to start going in and fixing everything that is not working...and to give the organ a GOOD tuning..sometime in a few weeks on that depending on Ed's schedule...once it gets tuned I'll start recording, but until then I doubt i'll be recording much at all other than to just demo the tremulants etc.

on that note....on the 412 chest there are about 20 notes not speaking, lots of wind leaks, but none are too bad actually. The worst air leaks on the organ are on the Vox Humana chest which is the oldest chest on the organ, dating from 1926. Trevor is going to take that chest home and releather it completely to solve that issue.

If we get some of the tremulants going on (especially of interest is the Tibia!!!!!!) I'll post those later today, with a sound clip or two!

July 2, 2008 update:

Some morning updates, Trevor and Tim finished the new rack boards for the Spitzflote 8' and matching Flute Celeste, and got those pipes placed last night. The sound unfortunately is not what I had hoped. The pipes do not speak as flutes, but as almost duplicates of a Dulciana rank just about exactly like the original 822's Dulciana. Not sure if that is because they are being overblown at 6 inches of wind, but will be investigating that. They sound actually about 95% like a Dulciana rank with a matching celeste...with just a tad bit of fluteyness..but not much......very pretty but not the flutey sound I was hoping for.

They are very pretty and I will be leaving them in but I am going to investigate how to get them revoiced if possible to be more flute like.

Now the very good news: Trevor, Tim and I got the Armory Trumpet chest in place last night before dinner. It is quite a chest! And fits nicely where it goes (see pics below).

Ed arrives back today to work on the Tremulants... hope to get at least a few of them going today...first for the Tibia..then maybe the Vox then the original back on the 822. The trem for the 412 chest needs releathered/recovered so it won't be on for a while.

Trevor believes the opus 412 organ was tuned at 435 pitch...the 822 was tuned at 440. So we will be bringing UP the entire 412 so they are playable together. Right now it is not real pleasent to play the 412 ranks WITH the 822 ranks except the strings which like to celeste with each

If it is not possible to bring the 412 up, we'll take the 822 down, but I'd rather take the 412 up to 440.

I think today we will get the 16' mitered trumpet in...see the pic below for the tallest 16' note. For now those are going to work with the Austin Armory Trumpet which will play at 8' and 4', with the Schlicker 16's to fill out the bottom range for the pedal stop at 16'.

While I have the chest wired up for the Pedal Posaune 8', I don't think there was room for it where I had been hoping to place it, so for now I'm sticking the chest back in the garage. Small chance we might place it ABOVE the upstairs bathroom, but I am thinking that rank will just go back into storage for now while we get the other ranks going.
I can use the 822's Oboe 8' for a pedal 8' reed so it is not a real critical rank, but would definately add some interest to the organ so I do hope to get it on least to have ONE pure Holtkamp rank on the organ in "homage" to the Holtkamp console downstairs. (Whether the Holtkamp-Sparling Tuba rank gets the "homage" honor depends if we can get it all in place.

Trevor out in the garage with his drill press making the rackboard for the Spitzflote 8'.

Tim mounting the Armory Trumpet's chest. It is hard to see in this photo, but the chest top is just below the top of the bathroom wall, which will allow the Trumpet pipes to speak out clearly into the main part of the house.

The Armory Trumpet chest, note the Tibia 4' chest behind it that also is mounted high to speak out to the house very well.

This is the tallest 16' Schlicker Trumpet resonator. I'm using these resonators for the bottom 16' octave as they have already been mitered and we HOPE will fit in the back room ok...we will know later today if more mitering is required.
The CCC pipe is 11 feet tall, the chest is about 8" tall.

Here is the Subbass 16' from the Reuter opus 195 organ built for the Hotel Cortez (originally Hotel Orndorff) in El Paso, Texas in the 1920's.... with the large CCC pipe in place. Note that there is a good 2 feet above the pipe. In my measurements I had only noted that there would be possibly only inches of space above this rank, so with that amount of space I'm reasonably assured the 16' Trumpet will fit in next to it, but we won't know until it goes in for sure! The only quirk that might change that is the 16' Subbass is a bit wider than I thought it would be due to the rackboard behind the chest causing it to move over a few inches from where I had hoped to place it...and the further to the left the Trumpet goes, the faster it will run into the ceiling.

So it is going to be a close fit.

As you can see obviously the room is filling up TO THE MAX with pipes. There are still 3 small chests to go in this room, the 16' Trumpet, the 8' Clarinet chest (12 notes), and the 4' Clarinet it is going to be a VERY tight fit back there once it gets all in.

The Subbass pipes are not in yet as we still need access to get to the 412 chest for tuning/pipe issues etc.

There is access on the other side of the chest, but it is more convenient to leave the pipes off for now while we are doing alot of work on the 412 chest.

Trevor with the rackboard for the Spitzflote 8'.

The new rackboard shows where the Spitzflote 8' is located on the 412 chest. We are saving the original rackboard and pipes for both ranks that got displaced for the Spitzflote in case I change them back someday. There is a unit Bourdon stop, at 8', 4', and 2' on the chest, and a Dulciana 8' on this chest that got replaced by the Spitzflote 8' and matching celeste.

Ironically the replacement stop sounds VERY VERY similar to the rank that it replaced (a Dulciana for the Celeste anyhow).

We did use the bottom 12 notes of the Dulciana 8' to complete the celeste to work at 8' and 4' pitch for all 61 notes (73 notes total).

Here I am with the bottom 12 notes of the Dulciana rank that are being used with the Spitzflote Celeste rank. As it turns out they are a 99% match soundwise.

A interesting BEFORE & AFTER photo of the SAME room, about 2 or 3 months apart from the same camera angle. This was my former guest bedroom located upstairs. As you can see, we cut out the structure above the wall above the bedroom so that this chamber would speak out into the main part of the house (going over the upstairs guestbathroom which I am keeping).

As you can see this room is just about completely taken up from top to bottom with various ranks of organ pipes.

Note the tall ceilings. For those that are planning long term for a pipe organ in their home I can't emphasize enough the benefits of A-Frame style layout/ construction for pipe placements.

There are presently 13 ranks of pipes in this room:

16' Subbass
8' Grand Diapason
8' Violin Diapason
8' Melodia
8' Tibia Clausa
8' Trumpet
8' Salicional
8' Voix Celeste
8' Spitzflote
8' Flute Celeste
4' Octave
2' Spitz Principal
8' Vox Humana (located in that former closet)

A 8' Clarinet, 8' pedal Posaune, 8' Armory Trumpet, and 16' Trumpet are going to be added as well to THIS room yet!

July 1, 2008 update:

Most of the new stoptabs were placed on the Holtkamp does make it easier to play when you have the stoptabs correct and not have to decipher what my sticky notes said each stoptab really was! (lol).

Trevor returned yesterday and got the Spitzflote 8' and Flute Celeste wired in.
Today he and Tim are going to cut a new rackboard for those two ranks and hopefully get those playing, and hopefully get the big Montre pipes for the facade of the 822 main chest up and operating as well.

Trevor is working on some wiring issues on the 412 chest as there are about 5 completely dead notes that affect several ranks on the 412 chest that we are guessing is a wiring issue.

Also we have hit a snag in that we are missing 10 of the resonators for the Holtkamp-Sparling rescaled Tuba (now a trumpet)...hoping we can get those located soon.

Tim got the Subbass 16' chest installed and winded over the weekend, it does have one speaking note on it presently, and unfortunately the placement does not permit the sound to travel well thru out the house. Up in the room it is VERY powerful, but outside the room, the volume is only about the same soundwise as the 822's Lieblich Gedeckt (The 822's big wood pipes at "full strenth (they have a Lieblich Gedeckt mechanism) are louder than the Subbass 16'.....HOWEVER it does sound nice but is somewhat of a dissapointment in terms of how I was hoping this rank would have given the pedal some real power in the 16' range on the pedals. This is not to be I don't think.

We still have 1 and possibly 2 16' Pedal reeds to install however so hopefully that will still give the "bottom" of the organ some needed weight to be not quite so "top heavy".

Unfortunately I just don't have the space to move the Subbass pipes out into the main house somewhere, where they would probably sound better UNLESS I stick them by the 822 chest.
At this point I'm going go ahead and install them in the back room and just see how it works out once I get the 16' pedal reed in (we are installing one 16' mitered pedal reed for sure).

Now having two similar 16' pedal flues (the 822's Gedeckt/Bourdon and the 195's Subbass) play TOGETHER does produce a nice "stereo" sound for the bass which is QUITE nice, so it does sound wonderful, but is not overly powerful as least yet.

Current Revised Planned 2008 stoplist.

21 Ranks

1,546 pipes

5 ranks of the original Reuter opus 822.

  • Gedeckt, 97 notes, 16', 8', 4', 2', 2 2/3'
  • Open Diapason, 73 notes, 8' & 4'
  • Salicional, 73 notes, 8' & 4'
  • Dulciana, 73 notes, 8' & 4'
  • Oboe, 73 notes, 8' & 4'
  • Chimes

    1 rank from the Opus 638

  • Open Diapason 8' & 4' (will be the 'Montre' facade rank on the 822).

    3 ranks plus pedal offset of Reuter opus 195.

  • Tibia Clausa 8' & 4', 68 notes
  • Vox Humana 8', 61 notes
  • Viole Celeste 8', TC, 49 notes
  • Subbass 16' 12 note Pedal Extention of Tibia 8'

    8 ranks from the Reuter opus 412.

  • Open Diapason 8' & 4', 73 notes, 42 scale (the 'Grand Diapason' on Swell of the completed organ)
  • Violin Diapason 8' & 4', 73 notes
  • Octave 4', 61 notes
  • Spitz Principal 2', 61 notes
  • Melodia 8' & 4', 73 notes
  • Salicional 8' & 4', 73 notes
  • Vox Celeste 8', TC, 49 notes
  • Hautbois 8', 73 notes

    2 ranks Reuter, unknown opus/vintage.

  • Spitz Flote 8' & 4', 51 scale, 73 notes
  • Flute Celeste, 49 notes.

    3 ranks non-Reuter.

  • Armory Trumpet 8', Austin, 61 notes, from the Austin Opus 262 built for the Atlanta Auditorium Armory in 1910.
  • Clarinet 8'/4', 73 notes, Moller, 1920's vintage.
  • Trumpet 16', 12 note pedal extention, Schlicker, 1980's vintage, mitered to 10 feet. Will work with the Armory Trumpet (Austin) for a pedal 16' reed on the 822 or eventually possibly a Holtkamp Posaune 8'.
  • Posaune 8', 32 note pedal reed, Holtkamp, from a "Martini" organ, although the pipes themselves are marked "TR" and not Posaune.

    The Pedal Holtkamp 8' Posaune 32 note rank I have will go in last behind the swell shades above the bathroom IF we can figure that out. We were going to put it in right away, but I've decided it will have to wait, mainly just because there is no space for it elsewhere at this time.

    update: just no room for that pedal won't be going in for now least not until I add on someday!

    WHITE: Reuter opus 822 (exposed, 5 inches wind).

    RED: Reuter opus 638 (exposed), 4 inches wind.

    CYAN: Reuter opus 195 (Tibia/Vox in the swell, Viole Celeste above fireplace in main room) undetermined wind pressure.

    ORANGE: Reuter opus 412 (swell) 6 inches wind

    PURPLE: Reuter Spitz Flute & Flute Celeste (Reuter, unspecified vintage, 51 scale)
    These two ranks willl be used for the 8' Spitz Flute & celeste as well as the 4' and 2' flutes on the swell.
    It is a 73 note rank, and I will be filling in the top notes with the 2' pipes of a bourdon from the opus 412 which will be revoiced to fill the top octave of this stop at 2'.
    It will be placed on the 412 chest in place of the opus 412's unit Bourdon and Dulciana rank.

    Yellow (non-Reuter)
    The non-Reuter 2 ranks (1 Trumpet and a Clarinet) are a 1920's vintage Moller Clarinet 8' rank

    A 1980's Schlicker 16' mitered trumpet 12 note extention will work with the 8/4 Armory Trumpet from the Swell manual from the Austin opus 262 Atlanta Auditorium Armory of 1910.


    Lime Green - Unitized combination Stop
    This stop will comprise the unit 1 1/3' Tierce from the 822 Salicional, 2', 1 3/5' and 1' 822's Gedeckt
    I had these stops as independant stoptabs on the Holtkamp console but due to space reasons I won't be able to have them anymore so I will be combining them to form a Mixture for the Great. I most frequently combined these stops and used a Swell to Great coupler for a nice "icing on the cake" mixture on the Great's Diapason chorus quite often so it should work out great if I can figure out the programming to do it!

  • PedalGreatSwell

    16 stoptabs

    32' Gravissima (Gedeckt Resultant)
    16' Subbass (SW)
    16' Bourdon
    16' Lieblich Gedeckt
    8' Diapason (46/45 sc, 5 in)
    8' Montre (46/45 sc, GT, 4 in)
    8' Tibia Clausa (SW)
    8' Bass Flute
    8' Dolce
    4' Octave
    4' Flute
    16' Trumpet (SW)
    8' Armory Trumpet (SW)
    8' Oboe
    4' Clarion

    Swell to Pedal

    20 stoptabs

    16' Diapason (TC)
    8' Open Diapason (46/45 sc, 5 in)
    8' Montre (46/45 sc, 4 in)
    8' Tibia Clausa (SW)
    8' Gedeckt
    8' Salicional
    8' Viole Celeste (TC, 57 sc, exposed)
    8' Dulciana
    4' Octave (SW, 6 in)
    4' Flute
    2 2/3' Nazard
    2' Spitz Principal (SW, 6 in)
    2' Flautino
    Mixture IV
    8' Armory Trumpet (SW)
    8' Oboe

    Great to Great 16'
    Great Unison Off
    Great to Great 4'


    20 stoptabs

    8' Grand Diapason (42 sc)
    8' Violin Diapason (52/48 sc)
    8' Tibia Clausa
    8' Melodia
    8' Spitz Flote
    8' Flute Celeste
    8' Echo Salicional
    8' Vox Celeste (TC, 62 sc)
    4' Tibia Flute
    4' Spitz Flute
    2' Flautina Dolce
    8' Armory Trumpet
    8' Hautbois
    8' Clarinet
    8' Vox Humana


    Swell to Swell 16'
    Swell Unison Off
    Swell to Swell 4'
    Swell to Great

    The 2008 complete organ will have 21 ranks:
    6 Diapason ranks (four ranks at 8', one at 4' and one at 2')
    3 Flute ranks (including the flute celeste)
    7 String ranks (includings string celestes, Spitz Flute and Flute Celeste which is more stringy than flutey in my opinion)
    5 Reed ranks

    Plus the 3 or 4 pedal 16' extentions.

    Revised layout:

    click on image for layout.

    The reality of what gets placed where depends on wind line issues though, and somethings are getting moved around as we place them. I'll probably wait and post a completed layout once it is all in rather than trying to keep the changes updated as we go along.

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    May 6 thru May 31, 2008 blog updates, including photos and historical information on the Austin Atlanta Armory Trumpet

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