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A nice view of the air chest and the 5 ranks. This pipe chest was designed in a compact arrangement to fit as many pipes as possible into a small space. Originally at Borchers, (St. Paul's), these pipes were placed in a swell box in the rear of the church which had shutters which would open and close according to how the organist would set the "expression" pedal. Because these pipes are now completely open, the volume of sound is quite literally amazing. This organ can now be played soft using the softer stops such as the Dulciana, Gedeckt & Salicional stops, but the powerful Oboe's and Diapason 8' stop are VERY over powering.

The Diapason 16' is quite wonderful however, and this stop along with the Bourdon 16' is something that must be experienced as no audio recording of any pipe organ can replace the awesome experience of FEELING these pipes reverberate through your body when played. It is indescribable, and why electric organs will never replace pipe organs where music is truely appreciated. Yes, a electric organ with digital sampling can "sound" like a pipe organ, but in no way can it come even close to replicating the "feeling" that a pipe organ achieves so beautifully.