The Southern Indiana chapter of the American Guild of Organists had the annual fall picnic at my home following a "organcrawl" in Seymour, Indiana where organs by Casavant, Moller & Hinners were played.

Ron Prologer, Organist of Immanual Lutheran, Seymour, Indiana giving a history of the pipe organ

David K. Lamb, Joshua Roberts, Judith Miller, Theresa Pope, Gary Pope, Judy Diekhoff, and Theresa Bauer at Immanual Lutheran.

Judy Diekhoff, Gary Pope, Bradley McClain & Trevor Dodd with Bernadette Wagner at the console at Immanual Lutheran.

Immanual Lutheran (Casavant): organ details:

Theresa Bauer, Dean of the Southern Indiana Chapter, American Guild of Organists.

St. Ambrose Catholic Church, (Hinners), Seymour, Indiana.

Mary Vessels, Judy Diekhoff, Judith Miller, Joshua Roberts, Trevor Dodd & Bernadette Wagner at the console (Hinners).

Trevor Dodd inspecting the blower on the Hinners at St. Ambrose.

Joshua Roberts & Theresa Bauer.

Ed Bruenjes performing an emergency tuning on the Moller at Trinity United Methodist in Seymour.

Being lulled to sleep by my playing the Moller.

Judy Diekhoff at the Moller console at Trinity United Methodist, with Brad McClain & Joshua Roberts.

Myself with David Lamb, demonstrating the new Montre 16' pedal rank.

Myself at the Holtkamp console.

Trevor Dodd.

Ed Bruenjes at the Holtkamp console.

A photo of the Reuter opus 412 ranks.

Mary Vessels at the piano (what a JOY to hear Mary play!!!!), also shown is Judith Miller & in the background is Bernadette Wagner.

Judith Miller at the Hammond M3, with Judy Diekhoff & Theresa Pope.

Judith Miller at the Hammond M3.

Jacob Creel at the Austin opus 500 console which is awaiting restoration.

Trevor Dodd, John Clark, Brad McClain, Jacob Creel & Bernadette Wagner at the Carnival at Oktoberfest, Seymour, Indiana.

Hymn time on the organ & piano. Bernadette at the Holtkamp console, Brad & at times Trevor at the Steinway & Jacob at the Reuter console upstairs playing hymns together!

Jacob at the upstairs Reuter console while Bernadette & Brad were at the downstairs keyboards.

Note the pipe on the chest..that is the Austin Tenor c pipe for a Celeste rank that will go in as the Celeste rank for the Reuter opus 822's Salicional.

Taking a break from playing hymns.

Playing SquirrelBall.

Bernadette, Jacob, John, Trevor, myself & Brad headed to town for brunch!

Oktoberfest 2009 was a fantastic event and hope to see you all again there next year!!!!!

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