July 6, 2010 update:

Added a new video done by Nathan on the video page...that was registered "on the fly" but still is a nice showing of the organ as it existed in May (2 ranks added since by Trevor!).

The goal is to get the 3 manual console wired in soon..awaiting shipment of the "motherboard" before we can do that..once I have a firm date on when that will happen I will post. In the meantime not much will be happening on the 822 so check back in mid July for further updates!
I'm awaiting Ed's return around July 15 to tune the organ (the Trompette went out of tune pretty badly when the pressure was "inadvertently" dropped to that rank)...the Clarinet, Hautbois & Montre all need some tuning/regulating before I'd record them. I doubt there will be any recordings posted until the 3 manual console gets wired in AND that the organ is tuned so have a great July in the meantime!

June 19, 2010 update:

FINALLY got around to painting the top notes of the "Montre" rank:

The top highest 14 or so notes are from a different unknown Reuter rank that Reuter supplied to me when making that chest to fill out missing notes of the Reuter opus 638's Diapason which were kept on that organ in Missouri.

They were a perfect match in construction but unpainted so never matched the other pipes perfectly LOOKS wise.

Now they match spot on!

The "before" shot showing the darker pipes on the left before they were painted.

June 11, 2010 update:

The summer 2010 work season on the Reuter opus 822 has started!

We have the Echo Bourdon 8' rank and Cello 8' rank placed on the 412 chest. On the original rackboard and chest it was built for in 1938. I didn't realize it but the rank is leather lipped! It is this mellow and velvety smooth.

The Cello 8' is a beautiful dark string addition, with surprising edge on the bottom of the octave in comparison with the other ranks. It really adds some very distinct musical enhancement!

Regards the Echo Bourdon....Tonewise the rank is indeed a "Echo Bourdon"...about 2/3 stronger than the softest flute (the spitzflute) and about 1/3 quieter than the Melodia 8' in the swell...and about 40% quieter than the 822's Gedeckt. It is similar in tone to the gedeckt, but with the leather lips it is smoother. This rank is located in the swell so eventually when the shades are operable it will be under expression. It is a terrific and VERY useful addition. And sounds awesome with the swell reeds and strings.

I'd post some recordings with is one step forward and two steps back.

We are running into wind regulation issues....the chest for the Hautbois, Clarinet, Spitzflute & Viole Celeste need "winkered" before they are stable enough to record. Trevor is working on some other ideas to help in the meantime but some winkers will be necessary I believe.

This is Trevor's photo (ultra wide angle) of the "reed" chest in the swell chamber.

It is hard to see but the Viole Celeste chest is a separate offset located BEHIND this rank.

Here is a photo showing that rank without pipes on the reed chest.

I'm flat out of room so the Viole Celeste chest is placed in a very very very poor position for tuning/maintenance. To tune and adjust that chest we will have to REMOVE a path of pipes on the Reed chest in front of it...that will be time consuming and a major ordeal. I do not recommend this. This rank may get moved long term to where the 16' Trumpet extention is now. That rank is going to get moved to the ceiling out front probably next the Viole Celeste will hopefully behave itself in this location for the year!!!!!

A note on my swell chamber lights: Those are fluorescent bulbs.

They don't use much energy and most importantly do NOT put out heat.

Tim is preparing the "new" 3 manual Holtkamp console.
This console was the very first "Modern" style console designed by Walter Holtkamp Sr.....there is a date of 1943 on the builders plate.

This is a replacement stack of keyboards replacing the EXTREMELY poor shape Holtkamp keyboards. The "keydesk" is in excellent shape and EXTREMELY well built...the original Holtkamp keyboards were in extremely poor shape however and had to be replaced with these keyboards.

Trevor has done a BEAUTIFUL job of preparing new chestwork for relocated pipe ranks.

These chests will hold the Viole Celeste 8', Spitzflute 8' (notes above TC), Hautbois 8' (notes above TC), and the entire 8' Clarinet.

Starting to place the pipes. One issue has come up..the Viole Celeste chest is not "accessable" so it will have to be relocated but not exactly sure where that can go until the Spitzflute 8' bass octave is set up.

Adding the following ranks as time permits:

Rank Number: 23. 16'-2' Reuter opus 412 Echo Bourdon (swell, 16' octave already installed)

24. Reuter Cello 8', opus 184

The Cello 8' and Echo Bourdon rank should be playable later this week we hope!

Realistic Future additions: (NOT in order)

25. Prestant 4', OR Geigen Principal 8' OR Gemshorn 8' Reuter opus 1593 (one of these ONLY)

26. 16'-8' Dulzian (positiv)

This one will probably just be a "guest rank".

27. 8' Nasonflute (positiv)

28. 8' TC Austin Celeste (great)

29. 1 3/5' Tierce (positiv)

30. Trumpet, Reuter opus 1593..this will probably have to share a spot with the Dulzian so will do one year of each maybe.

31. 2 2/3' & 1 1/3' Larigot Reuter opus 2222 and new construction.

Other possible ranks MAY be added depending on space, but I think this will fill things up pretty well spacewise.

The Cello is from the Reuter opus 184. Information on this organ: Reuter opus 184 was a 3 manual 19 rank organ built in 1926 for United Presbyterian Milwaukee WI.

The pipework is in EXCELLENT condition especially considering the age. Trevor placed a pipe of this rank where it is going on the 412 chest and we have confirmed that it is a perfect match on the expanded 822 pipe organ for the string division.

It is exactly a half a step between the Echo Salicional and the Violin Diapason in tone & strength. It is being placed where the "Hautbois 8'" rank was situated. That rank is being moved to a unit chest so that the Hautbois 8' can be played in a completely versatile fashion. The Cello 8' will have an excellent home on the 412 with its other string mates.

The String organ of the 822 will be:

1. Violin Diapason 8'

2. Cello 8'

3. Viole Celeste 8' TC, (this rank will celeste well with either the Cello or Violin Diapason)

4. Echo Salicional 8'

5. Vox Celeste 8' TC

6. Salicional 8'

7. Voix Celeste 8' TC

8. Dulciana 8'

9. Dulciana Celeste 8' TC

10. Gemshorn 8'

These string ranks will be playable from their own division, plus distributed over other divisions as well for maximum tonal choice.

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