September 3, 2009 update:

Trevor has started work on the Montre 16' chest.

This chest holds the bottom 12 notes of the Montre 16' pedal stop of the organ.

A peek inside this chest. It is being cut into 3 sections as the 12 pipes will be separated on the ceiling installation.

September 2, 2009 morning update:

First, regards the 16' Violone/Montre....I've decided to hold off on that..doing some roof work to the house and I want to wait before that is done before installing that set of pipes as they will literally be attached to the ceiling. Once the roof work is done I will put them up. Trevor will hopefully get the chests in place for that rank over the next two days however and perhaps we will stick one or two notes up to see how they work.

September 2, 2009 update: quick recording of the Posaune rank:

The Posaune 16' is mounted and somewhat functional...most of the notes play but it needs some regulation before any decent recordings can be made...

Initial impressions: A beautiful foundation tone...not reedy...I will post a test recording later this afternoon I hope...we wanted to give the pipes some time to adjust to the house before doing a final preliminary tuning.

The rank is not as powerful as I thought it would be but it is still about 2 times louder than any other pedal rank so it IS some much needed pedal "oomph" tone but the organ is so loud (Trevor in fact remarked last night it is louder than his Wurlitzer on 10 inches of wind!)

We did wire up this rank to speak as follows, and it works PERFECTY for a nearly flawless sound transtion:
Notes 1-12 Posaune 16' pipes.
Notes 13-32: Opus 822 Open Diapason 8' and Oboe 8' playing together.

Together the Diapason 8' and Oboe 8' are a near exact match tonally to the Posaune rank and the transition between notes 12 and 13 is surprisingly smooth!

In this photo you can see the organ how I see it most evenings from my little "TV viewing" area upstairs.

Where that television is located will eventually be a chest of pipes that will hold the Celeste for the Salicional of the 822 as well as a Tierce rank whenever I locate one. I have the chest but am awaiting locating a Tierce rank.

Trevor installing the Posaune 16'.

This photo is taken from the "3rd floor" overlooking the t.v. viewing area.

Overlooking the 822 main chest and some of the very dirty Posaune 16' pipes!

JUST enough room to work between the 822 chest and the Posaune 16'.

The 822 chest to the left, the Posaune 16' going in along the wall to the right.

A peek looking UP.

The Posaune 16' going in.

September 1, 2009 morning update:

Trevor returned yesterday....quickly working to complete the 16' Posaune installation.

Here Trevor is with the Posaune BBB note....note there is JUST enough room to work on this rank, and to also access the Reuter opus 822's open Diapason to the right (the rank with the paint flaking off).

If all goes well this rank should be functional by evening!!!!

The chests for this extention are Moller from a Quintation 16' particular reason to have them split but that is how the chests came... will work nicely for the rank.

Here Trevor is holding the smallest BBB note of the Violone 16' 12 note extention. This set of pipes will work with one of the Diapason's on the organ as a 16' Diapason rank (see below for an explanation of that).

They will be painted Silver to match the other facade pipes of the organ this week. There is a 15% chance they MAY get painted and installed this week..if not this week then hopefully before the end of this month.

August 30, 2009 morning update:

Ok..lets see..progress of the past week:

Ed got the Trompette 8' regulated and tuned...check out the MP3 page for that..the Dupre Prelude for Organ, Op 7 No 1 is quite amazing..the Trompette 8' really adds the necessary brilliance to that piece.

Other than that...Bernadette got the Viole Celeste chest up and operational again after replacing most of the magnets on it..still about 5 or 6 pipes that won't speak...presumeably leather issues remain so will have to get it completely releathered but it is working MUCH more quietly than before (the air leaks were plugged up)...Ed got it tuned up nicely.

Trevor got the Vox Humana going again....its nice to have it back and functional...not yet tremulated though..well it is but it is so loud it defeats the purpose of having it....awaiting a muffler box for that..

Trevor continues the saga of the Tibia tremulant...its been a year....he is giving up on tremulating the reservoir and now is going to tremulate the chest itself.

Trevor got started on the Posaune 16'...the chest should be functional this week when he returns.

The Posaune 16' is MUCH louder than I thought/ it will not work "smoothly" with my Oboe 8' rank to be a pedal rank....I don't have room to make it a 32 note pedal rank although I do have the pipes...SO we will be wiring up the Posaune 16' to be a severely compromised "UNIT" stop as follows:

Notes 1-12 - Austin Posaune 16' MMF in sound.. powerful & hornlike.

Notes 13-32 - Reuter Opus 822 Oboe 8' AND Opus 822 Open Diapason 8'..those two ranks together match the volume level of the Posaune 16'...the transition is hardly noticable....

Other work: The 16' Trumpet in the swell chamber...Ed attempted to tune it can hear it in the Dupre piece on the MP3 jumps out of tune quickly though so Trevor is going to put a stepdown wind regulator on it to lower the pressure to was built for 4 inches of is on 6" now and won't tune so we are going to try that and see how it sounds.

It is not a powerful rank due to is buried in the back of the swell it WILL work just fine on 4' with the Trompette 16' as a softer 16' pedal reed.

The Trompette 8' is very narrow scaled, in particular on the bottom 8' octave so the Trumpet 16' on lower pressure will work acceptably with that as a pedal rank.

The 16' Violone:

Going to hopefully get the chests installed for that this week, however I have decided to take the time to have the pipes painted before they are installed..that will move the installation of that rank back by a few weeks..the goal is to have it installed by October 5th however. Those pipes are Zinc and quite dark. We will be sanding those 12 notes, applying primer (using automobile style painting methods), and then spraying them with a coat of metalic silver paint to match the other silver pipes on my "Montre" rank.

After it is finished I will have 6 16' Pedal stops:

1. 16' Lieblich Gedeckt - Strength: PP - gentle yet encompassing 16' stopped flute.

2. 16' Bourdon - Strength: PM - same rank as above but with a "Lieblich Gedeckt" mechanism that bumps up the pressure for a louder rank on the bottom 12 notes.

3. 16' Subbass 16' - Strenth: PMM - a very powerful stopped flute, very warm in tone.

4. 16' Trumpet 16' - Strenth: M - Reedy yet not powerful...this is a "middle" strength pedal rank....not overly powerful..useful for hymn playing and for depth without being overpowering.

5. 16' Montre - Strenth: MM (?..not sure yet) - (this is the 12 note extention of the Montre..made up of the 16' Violone pipes which speak perfectly with the Montre)...MF in tone...this rank will be VERY useful for the louder Diapasons of the organs to fill out the bottom tone in the medium to strong strength catagory.

6. 16' Posaune - Strenth: MMF - Powerful, hornlike - not reedy. This rank adds some much needed "bottom" to the organ for proper undergirding of tone in the large FULL organ works.

August 28, 2009 morning update:

Ed returned this a.m.! He is shown here beginning to recondition a smaller E.M. Skinner style tremulant mechanism (that shakes the air on a pipe organ reservoir to make the pipes speak in a "tremolo").

This smaller tremulant will go on the rather large opus 412 main chest to HOPEFULLY give those ranks winded from it a very gentle contrast with the somewhat strong opus 822 tremulant which is almost theatre like in its action.

August 27, 2009 evening update:

Trevor is getting the Posaune 16' extention of the Reuter 822's 8' Oboe ready!!!!
These two chests will hold the 12 notes of a Austin 16' Posaune that is mitred quite a bit....very deep/dark & hornlike from a test of one of the pipes..we shall see how it works with the 822's Oboe...if all goes well maybe by tomorrow!!

Bernadette soldering in some wires on new magnets on the Viole Celeste chest.

August 27, 2009 afternoon update:

Bernadette arrived today to refurbish & seal up (fix air leaks) on a old chest being used on the Viole Celeste chest.

This chest was somewhat functional but about 5 to 10 notes didn't play at all or where ciphers.

This chest interestingly has alot of writing inside it that was found:

It reads:
"This Chest from the shop of Durham Organ Service Co, Durham, NC, during August 1948 installing in organ in Carthage Methodist Church, Carthage, NC in the last week of August and first week of Sept. Weather hot and dry. Polio epidemic in NC, app. 1800 cases. Mrs. Myrha M. McPhail, Organist. This chest for Dulciana at 10 inches of wind.

August 27, 2009 morning update:

here is a revised placement of the Violone 16' rank which will work with either the Montre 8' or Open Diapason 8' rank....not sure what it will be called yet..probably just "Diapason 16" for now untl the 2nd console is installed next year sometime (I already have a unused engraved Diapason 16' stoptab so that will work fine for now.

August 19, 2009 update:

After a long summer of no or little activity on the organ (Trevor has been busy with his Wurlitzer in his basement and Ed doing work in Columbus), next week it APPEARS some final additions to the opus 822 will be placed...that is the HOPE anyhow.

First, what will hopefully get placed next week: 1. 16' Pedal Posaune 12 note extention.
2. Violone 16' pedel work with the 822's Diapasons or Montre..
And hopefully after a year of no tremulant on the Tibia we are hopeful to once again try to get that properly tremulated.

Yesterday I got unloaded (with Elias's help) the 16' Violone. This is a 32 note pedal rank that I picked up from the Cincinnati Theatre Organ Society. It is from the Austin opus 1140 Theatre organ built for the Liberty Theatre in Covington, Kentucky.

The Austin opus 1140 was a large theatre organ of 3 manuals with over 30 ranks.

The Violone is a 16' pedal extention of the Great organ's Cello 8' rank. I will be installing the bottom 12 notes of the 16' rank only to work with the 822's Diapason or was originally a heavy string rank on a theatre organ at 7 inches of wind but at 5 inches of wind it matches BOTH of my big exposed Diapasons perfeclty so will be using it as a 16' Diapason..

The pipes layed out in the garage

the BBB pipe placed on the Montre test to try it out at 5 inches wind.

A test recording of a single Violone pipe (BBB):

Nasonflote 8'
I have picked up a Moller Nasonflote 8'. This is a very soft and chiffy flute rank. It needs to be placed in the front room somewhere as it really is too soft to work in the swell chamber...I will be using it as part of a "Positiv" division someday.

One LAST pipe addition on the organ will be another Celeste...I've located a Voix Celeste that I'm going to pair with the opus 822's Salicional. The opus 822's Salicional is the only remaining string organ rank on the organ without a matching celeste. This will remedy that and bring the total string rank count to 8 ranks:

1. Salicional
2. Voix Celeste

3. Dulciana
4. Dulciana Celeste

5. Echo Salicional
6. Vox Celeste

7. Violin Diapason
8. Viole Celeste

And with my other ultra soft celeste rank:
9. Spitzflote
10. Flute Celeste

for a grand total of 5 matching celestes on the organ. Placement of the Voix Celeste will not be until late fall, or next year sometime.

July 22, 2009 update:

Not much happening on the organ in July...I am experimenting with the opus 412's 8' Bourdon rank. It will work on the fireplace chest downstairs, so I'm going to go ahead and install it as a 4' "Chimney" Flute rank for now mainly as an experiment while I adjust the grooves in the pipes to get more chiff.

I have another chest lined up to relocate the 4' octave and higher of the Montre rank upstairs along with ANOTHER string celeste!

I have located a Austin Voix Celeste that I am going to experiment with the 822's Salicional which remains the SOLE string rank on the organ without a matching celeste..that would bring the organ to 5 celeste ranks! If all goes well should have that mounted and operational by late August or early September!

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